About & Roadmap

Starting as a painter in the early nineties, I did my fist steps into digital art in 2000, but sticked to painting as my native language. In 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic, I opened up to the digital art space. IslesOfAda is the very beginning of that journey. Tying together my passion for art with the curiosity for new developments in the digital world, I dream my world at the IslesOfAda. Step by step I want it to grow to a place of dreams and visions, expressed in seductive color and form. For my 3D art work I use Cinema4D and Octane Render, and Photoshop for post production. I experiment with severeral sculpting tools on my iPad and my Oculus Quest 2 VR-Glasses for modelling amorphous and crystalline forms.

Jupiter - Technical Setup:

Setting up a website with a work in progress gallery, called the tale and tied to a 360° application as a walk through area (done :). Here you can visit IslesOfAda and explore the actual development of a story to be told.

Improving my skills as a 3D-Artist, IslesOfAda will get filled with 3D art work, that will be available as NFTs on the cardano platform, that seem to me a wise, environment friendly and cost efficient decision at this point.

News 28.10.2021
Collaboration with algobits.art for the first nft-drop early december!

Mars -  The Storyboard

This is the story of lost boy, the treasure hunter. He collects treasures, called creaches at the shore and sells them to make his living. Lost boy is 10 years old and we will follow his path for the next ten years becoming a grown up man.  As a sequel each NFT-Drop will tell his ongoing story in sceneries and collectibles.


1st CNFT DROP – IslesOfAdaDecember 8th at 8 p.m. EST on algobits.art

However after just 21 NFTs are sold within three weeks and technical issues, I stopped the minting.
All NFTs will be minted directly on pro.nft-maker.io and released for sale on cnft.io:
Already minted ones will continue as an edition of 5. Not yet minted ones might go out as 1of1. No random mint anymore and price adjustment for 1of1. Art goes on!

An CNFT-Project on the Cardano Blockchain
Policy ID: 70fded24e8cfa472a0382e986bb687be24559fc9c0c9a5d40eef6b83


Migration of the project to a full VR experience, once a broad acceptance of VR has reached the communities (So far I own two Oculus Quest 2, but almost no one in my surrounding). It will take time, till main stream will pick up the enormous possibilities of VR.

Future nftdreams: Due to fast techology development, once smart contracts in place you will be able to send in your #cnft and get back a high resolution image for very big screens or prints. Or even a 3D-File for AR, VR or 3D print. This is, what my 360° space is about!

Enable AR experience of the creaches. Owner of NFTs get access to a 3-D-File.

Release of the creaches as multi-colored-sythetic-material-3D-printed objects.

Collaborate with galleries and participate in art fairs in the analog world by exhibiting 2D-prints and 3D printed sculptures.

Pavia Creator verified

As dreamed of above IslesOfAda will find its VR world within pavia.io
Stay tuned!


… life is a surprise, go with the waves. Stay open for upcoming possibilies …